About Waakye Leaf

The idea for Waakye Leaf was born out of a genuine love for building cultural bridges by sharing traditional African culinary knowledge with the world in the most creative and innovative ways in order to provoke, delight and rouse interest.

Established in 2008 by Edwina Morgan, Waakye Leaf is now considered one of London’s leading boutique afro-fusion caterers. We are passionate about creating enjoyable and memorable experiences through food, while setting new standards for quality and excellence. From mouth-watering canapés, delicious bowl food, themed supper clubs to luxury banquets, we offer a truly bespoke service and take pride in working with each of our clients to realize their vision. We look forward to sharing with you a little bit of tradition and interweaving our story with yours…

“Growing up, I would often watch in awe as my grandmother - a passionate cook - put together what seemed to me like elaborate banquets for our family and friends. She would move around her small kitchen with such speed and dexterity, appraising every ingredient for freshness and quality while regaling us with stories about why, how and when one should use them. I would sit quietly listening and watching her every move, my mouth watering in anticipation as she tended to either a gleaming pot of “fantsi fantsi” – fish stew - or a tempting batch of her signature “apitsi” – plantain cakes.

The fondest memories I have of my grandmother, Ghana and the wonderful places I have visited in and outside the African continent, all have food and friendship at their core. This is because food ties us to our past. It evokes memories and takes us back to places, experiences and emotions.”

Founder and Head Chef

Culinary Philosophy

Our culinary philosophy is largely based on the Akan tribe’s concept of Sankofa, which literally translates as “go back and pick up what you left behind”. Sankofa is often depicted by the Adinkra symbol of a bird which flies or walks forward with its head facing backwards. The Adinkra symbol is often associated with the Akan proverb “Se wo were fi na wosankofa a yenkyi,” which translates as “It is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten.”

This concept ties in perfectly with what we do at Waakye Leaf. We focus on gathering traditional culinary knowledge that is often passed down via oral tradition from generations to generations and elevating them to world using innovative and modern cooking techniques. We aim to provide a culinary experience of the highest quality without compromising on the authenticity and rich history behind our food.