Waakye Leaf..

Hello Foodians and Foodiettes,

Welcome to our first blog – Akwaaba (means“Welcome” in Ghana)!!

We are bursting with excitement about Waakye Leaf (prounounced Waachay) a new Ghanaian catering company specialising in cooking authentic Ghanaian cuisine.

With over 50,000 Ghanaians living in London, many of whom are second and third generation, quality Ghanaian cuisine can be hard to find. Therefore, it is of no surprise that we are excited about a new Ghanaian catering company which promises to introduce London to the vibrancy of traditional Ghanaian cuisine.

Waakye Leaf is the brainchild of two young professional Ghanaians living in London, who both grew up cooking alongside their grandmothers and mothers in traditional Ghanaian kitchens. Their knowledge and love for cooking creative and tasty meals meant that they were often the designated chefs for family gatherings. So it was only a matter of time before they decided to share their love of cooking traditional Ghanaian food with people outside their extended families.

With exciting recipes passed down from generation to generation, Waakye Leaf aims to provide the kind of food that would rival what can be found in the best African kitchens by taking Londoners on a culinary journey to the streets of Accra, Cape Coast and Kumasi via London’s vibrant street markets. Their menu features everything from the well known Jollof rice to the relatively unheard of Waakye, and of course, the well spiced joys of Kelewele.

Although Ghanaian food isn’t well known in the UK, we know from experience that, people who try it for the first time usually love it and we really can’t wait to tickle our taste buds with the gorgeous food from this new street food sensation.

If you are as excited about Waakye Leaf as we are then, please follow them on Twitter or become a fan/friend on Facebook.

Watch this space for news about their exclusive taster sessions, promotions, blogs and launch date.


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