There’s a Veggie Lover inside you…and we need to get acquainted!

I know it’s been a while people… so today’s post comes with a little shock factor. I Don’t Like I know it’s been a while people… so today’s post Chicken!!

So, take a deep breath, now take a seat, grab a smoothie (or maybe something with a little more kick) and whatever you do, don’t start thinking about dinner until you’re done. I realize that this problem I have with chicken is a little odd.

But before you start dialling the Office of Fair Racial Stereotyping, you should know something else. It’s not just chicken, it’s ALL meat.  I mean fish tastes sooo much better!

Now this might not be a big deal to many of you. But I know that right away, after reading that, some of you were already throwing down the culinary gauntlet – “She just hasn’t tasted my/mum’s/grandma’s/husbands/favourite restaurant’s curry lamb/goat stew/ roast beef etc. But before you throw a massive tantrum and decide that the Foodienne has officially lost it, hear me out!

Meat to me has always felt like the kind of grey matter that could never help my brain. Growing up off the back of the first BSE/CJD scares, my mother didn’t eat beef or any red meat for that matter. We ate chicken and fish. At the age of 12 I became a vegetarian. Something that wasn’t that strange as half of my immediate family were already following the veggie path. Although I’m not a vegetarian in the strictest sense anymore, I’m still not down with meat (Or O.P.P for that matter – Lol!). So this week after a much delayed pause in the Foodienne’s culinary musings, I bring you a list of the foods that over the years I have found suitable for my “weird” tastes.

If you love meat, and are left sweating at the thought of having a meal without it, then don’t worry I’m here to hold your hand, and prove to you that a meat-free meal can be delicious… and if I can’t convince you of this, then remember: Ghanaian food is incredibly versatile, so like many other dishes, you can always adapt them to suit your own personal tastes.

Here are just a few of my favourites:

• Plantain with beans stew and “Gari”
• “Nkontomire” (you can substitute meat for smoked fish like mackerel)
• Plain “Jollof” Rice
• “Kenkey” or “Banku” with grilled fish and freshly ground pepper
• “Gari Foto”
• “Waakye”
• Fried fish
• “Bodongo” (Plantain cake)

I’m a big fan of “Bodongo” (not just because it has plantain in it) but because it’s also really versatile. It works like a charm with fussy kids and adults alike, plus it tastes divine. Although some people make this as a dessert it is possible to make it as a savoury side dish with smoked fish, and I actually prefer it that way!

So, if you’re someone that likes a lot of meat on your plate, try something different. I can’t promise it will be lighter on you – but if you can get your hands on any of these dishes and it’s been prepared well, then I guarantee you will go back for seconds!

I know I’ve been a little sporadic with these posts to start with, but it’s all in the name of an excellent cause- I’ve been working on writing up some recipes for you guys, as I thought it would be nice for you to try them. Ghanaian food can be found in London, but I have found many of the dishes on offer to be a little too watered down for my liking. If only there was somewhere I could actually find authentic Ghanaian food…hmmmm.

So my lovely Foodians and Foodiettes, I’m off to get some more of these recipes written down, as I know you’re itching for the details in the next post.

Till next time!

The Foodienne x



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