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An African Inspired Festive Menu

Please choose two items from each of the sections below and receive complementary bottles of either Palm Wine, Prosecco or Pure heaven (non- alcoholic sparkling wine) and mini mince Pies for £40 per head.  Send us an email to enquire  about deliveries and how to place your order.


“Aponkye Nkakra” – a warm and spicy soup prepared with seasoned goat meat, herbs and vegetables
Yam, spinach and mackerel fish cakes with chilli jam
Baked spicy chicken winglets with a tasty chilli glaze
Spicy coconut and lime king prawns
“Kele wele” – clove and ginger spiced ripe plantain cubes


Traditional “Nkate Nkwan” peanut butter soup prepared with guinea fowl
Grilled whole large tilapia fish with a vegetable garnish
Lamb shanks braised in a lightly spiced tomato sauce with butter beans
Whole spatchcock chicken grilled and basted with a special spice rub
Mixed “suya” grill – seasoned chicken, lamb and pork chops sprinkled with a special “suya” peanut and chilli rub
Festive “Oto” mashed ripe plantain mixed with onion and spice infused palm oil (served with boiled eggs) V


“Omo tuo” rice balls
Creamy yam and sweet potato mash
Jollof Rice
Festive vegetable fried rice
Yam balls
Fried ripe plantains
“Banku” corn and cassava dough balls
“Shito” chilli sauce
Plain vegetable stew


Roasted seasonal vegetables
Rich Ghana salad with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, eggs and baked beans
Crispy green salad with a homemade mango and lime vinaigrette
Steamed “Attieke”- grated cassava and spicy black eyed beans salad
Flaked salmon, parsley and tomato pasta salad
Green mango coleslaw salad


Nkate cake peanut brittle cheesecake
Individual Banoffie Pies
Salted Caramel Rocky Road Brownie Squares
Chocolate Fudge Cake
White Chocolate & Raspberry Cheesecakes
Caramelised Orange Cheesecake
Tropical fruit salad sprinkled with citrus sugar



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