About Us

We come from a big family and, as with most African families, food is an important part of our lifestyle. Growing up, there was always a large pot of something delicious cooking for dinner and by the pot would be at least two or three aunties discussing the science behind creating the delicious dishes we would eat. As children we would watch in awe as our Grandmother, a passionate cook would put together elaborate banquets that would rival that of any chef worth his salt. She would move around the small kitchen with such speed and dexterity that it sometimes felt as though she was a culinary blur. We would sit quietly watching her every move as she made our mouths water for hours whilst she tended to either a gleaming pot of “fantsi fantsi” – fish stew – or a tempting batch of her signature “Apitsi” – plantain cakes. 

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It is from this realisation and numerous other memories of our childhood in Ghana that our passion for cooking and ultimately, the inspiration for Waakye Leaf catering was born.

For us at Waakye Leaf, cooking is more than just a creative outlet or even a business; it’s about sharing with you a little bit of Ghanaian tradition and interweaving our story with yours…

What Inspires Us

Over the years we have been blessed with a number of unimaginable opportunities for which we are grateful. We have also worked with some amazing clients and organisations, we have heard of and been to some wonderful places and have met people who inspire us to do what we do every day. Here is an ongoing list of some of the things that inspire us:

Our friends

Here is an ongoing list of some of the people and organisations we have had the pleasure of working with. These people come highly recommended!

Our Kitchen and Food Safety

At Waakye Leaf, we are enthusiastic about creating handmade dishes with the fresh and vibrant taste of Africa. We combine fresh natural vegetables, spices and flavours to produce great tasting food that is pleasing to the eye as well as good for the body.

We simply say NO to cutting corners or compromising on quality and taste in an effort to reduce cost! Our clients deserve the best, so we prefer to work with them in order to design a menu that is suitable for their budget and requirements.

  • We do all our cooking from the regulated confines of a commercial kitchen
  • We are registered with our local authority and therefore, subject to inspections
  • Our chefs are insured and have at least a Level 2 Hygiene Certificate
  • We follow strict HACCP guidelines for all food production, handling, storage and distribution and dealings with our clients and their guests

Our Culinary Philosophy

At Waakye Leaf, we have a profound respect for Ghanaian food and the ingredients that are used in cooking it. We understand that the intricate traditions and famed hospitality of Ghanaians are inter-linked with the diversity and richness of Ghanaian cuisine.

Our culinary philosophy is largely based on the Akan tribe’s concept of Sankofa, which literally translates as “go back and pick up what you left behind”. Sankofa is often depicted by the Adinkra symbol of a bird which flies or walks forward with its head facing backwards. The Adinkra symbol is often associated with the Akan proverb “Se wo were fi na wosankofa a yenkyi,” which translates as “It is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten.”

This concept ties in perfectly with what we do at Waakye Leaf. We focus on gathering the best recipes, culinary knowledge and even childhood memories from our Ghanaian roots and presenting them to our clients in a creative and imaginative way. We do our best to ensure that our clients have a culinary experience of the highest quality without compromising on the authenticity and history behind our food.

Eco Awareness

At Waakye Leaf, we are very eco-aware and committed to using fresh, local produce or Fair Trade alternatives wherever possible. We are extremely dedicated to reducing waste by re-cycling and re-using materials. Where we need to use disposable products, we try our best to go for biodegradable alternatives.


“…the grasshopper which is always near its mother eats the best food” Akan Proverb