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Waakye Leaf is a Ghanaian and afro fusion catering company with a fast-growing reputation for cooking great-tasting food, providing excellent service and meticulous attention to detail. Our approach is dedicated to responding to the needs of our clients at all times, and we’re not afraid of going above and beyond.

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Our commitment at Waakye Leaf catering is to create incredible food that will delight your palate and rouse your interest in African culture in equal measures. We aim to make an event out of any occasion with our delicious Ghanaian and afro-fusion cuisine steeped in history and presented beautifully to your requirements.

Our menus are inspired by our childhood, and are original recipes passed down through the generations, with modern influences. We focus on combining the freshest natural vegetables, spices and vibrant flavours from Africa to produce great tasting food. We believe that traditional Ghanaian cooking lends itself very well to creativity and imagination, whilst maintaining the authenticity of and integrity of traditional Ghanaian cuisine. This is evident in the way we adapt our menus and the way we present our food.

Ghanaian food isn’t well known around the world yet, but we know from experience that when people try it for the first time, they love it.

We look forward to impressing you with our authentic Ghanaian and afro fusion cuisine served with a side of the famed Ghanaian hospitality!

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About Us

Our Culinary Philosophy

We focus on gathering the best recipes, culinary knowledge and even childhood memories from our Ghanaian roots and presenting them to our clients in a creative and imaginative way
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There’s a Veggie Lover inside you… and we need to get acquainted!

I know it’s been a while people… so today’s post comes with a little shock factor. I Don’t Like Chicken!!
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Chicken “Chinchinga” kebab sprinkled with “suya” seasoning

Mmmm…..“Chinchinga” is another one of many popular street foods in Ghana. It always makes me homesick and nostalgic whenever I make it for my friends and family.
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